Saturday, April 9, 2016

Spring Essentials

From top left: Abercrombie &Fitch jacket, Mango jacket, All Saints belt, Mercedes Benz hat, J.Crew piece, Madewell jacket, Members Only jacket, Forever 21 shades, Karen Mabon scarf, Polyvore choker, K Jacques shoes, Equivida shirt, Masnada dress, Stella McCartney skirt, Chicnova jeans, VansCP Shades shirt,  Yoyomelody top, Alexander Wang shorts, Public School joggers, Marc Jacobs shirt, Alexander Wang shirt

Spring hasn't completely sprung yet where I live, but that hasn't stopped me from compiling a list of my spring wardrobe must-haves.  Some items are pretty basic, like a plain white tee or denim shorts, while some items are currently trending, for example silk scarves or off-the-shoulder tops. Regardless, these pieces are my spring staples.  

Outerwear is great for warmth and as a statement piece. Denim and motorcycle jackets are more basic since both are timeless, but by adding them to an outfit really can tie up the look. Suede and varsity jackets are more statement pieces, currently on trend.

Plain white and stripe tees are basic, but a must. Off-the-shoulder tops are very fashionable right now, a great spring top, as well as chambray tops and denim dresses. Simple, yet really stylish.

Joggers are great because they are comfortable and can also be dressed up. Boyfriend jeans are the hottest jeans right now, as well as A-line denim skirts, and like every past warm season, denim shorts are a must.

Chokers and silk scarves are the hottest accessories. You can easily wear one and instantly make your outfit more stylish. Aviator sunglasses are definitely hot right now, and two of my personal favorite trends is the western belt and denim baseball cap.

I think less revealing bathing suits are definitely more sexy than revealing swimwear; I love a solid colored one piece. Though it may be simple, it's still very chic and fun. Intimates are very fashionable right now. Slip dresses are very minimal, but can be dressed more casual by slipping a graphic tee underneath or throwing a denim jacket over it. I am obsessed with my new Vans High-Tops, sticking with the white sneaker trend, but being a little bit casual. Strappy sandals are always great for warmer weather, but I think it's crucial to find a pair that is supportive, while still looking chic.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Currently Loving: Monochromatic

Who knew that maternity wear could be so fashionable? During Kim Kardashian West's second pregnancy with her son Saint, Kim's maternity uniform was a type of outerwear with bodycon pieces underneath. Besides those pieces, Kim wore a lot of monochromatic outfits during her pregnancy, shown below. I never cared for monochromatic outfits, but Kim showed me that it's all about wearing the right pieces to rock the trend.

Down below are outfits I put together that are great and easy for pulling off the monochromatic look. To not look like a crayon or too one-dimensional, it's best to wear different textures and to wear different tones of the color. The all-nude look is the new all-black look, impossible to not look chic. The green look is a bit more edgy, tying up the ribbed knit pieces with Yeezy's trendy camouflage coat. The baby blue and pale pink looks are especially great since Rose Quartz and Serenity are Pantone's Color of the Year. The blue look is casual, while the pink look is daring and also following the trend of wearing intimates as an everyday look.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Currently Loving: Metallics

For some reason, I never really cared for the metallic trend. I guess I thought it was too mature or fancy for me, perhaps I was too young to appreciate the look, but I definitely admire the trend now! What's great about metallic items is that they can be dressed up, like Saint Laurent's dress or ASOS' gold matching blazer and pants, or the trend could be dressed down by wearing Story of Lola's boxing shorts or Loewe's sneakers, making the trend very versatile and easy to wear!

Metallics seen on the runway:

Photos courtesy of Gianni Pucci , Dominique Maitre, and Max Mara.

Shop the trend:

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Style Influence: Kendall Jenner

I've been watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians ever since it aired and I would have never guessed that 12-year-old Kendall Jenner would be one of my biggest style influences now. Though I can't afford the same pieces as this fashion model can, Kendall is definitely an inspiration to me, whether it's her outfits she works out in or even what she wears going out. 

What oddly caught my attention about Kendall's style, lower left photo, was when she wore a turtleneck and leather leggings. Though such a simple outfit, Kendall still looks chic and that's what I love about her style. No matter what Kendall wears, she always looks so stylish, making a basic outfit, like a sweater and yoga pants, still fashionable by throwing a nice fur coat over it.

My all-time favorite outfit Kendall wore is the top middle outfit of her wearing a black top and tan pants. The outfit is minimal, but still sophisticated, her choker is to die for and I love how she dresses down her outfit by wearing white sneakers with it. Kendall's outfits are always simple, but she pulls of great outfits with statement pieces that makes her look stunning no matter what. 

Friday, February 5, 2016

Rose Quartz and Serenity: Pantone's Colors of 2016

I didn't pay any mind when I first read of Pantone's Color of the Year in InStyle's January issue, but I didn't realize until recently that I'm obsessed with both colors! I don't usually wear pastel colors, I wear mostly dark colors, but I can't stop drooling over everything that is pale pink and baby blue!

According to Pantone Color Institute's Executive Director Leatrice Eiseman, the colors Rose Quartz and Serenity,
"demonstrate an inherent balance between a warmer embracing rose tone and the cooler tranquil blue, reflecting connection and wellness as well as a soothing sense of order and peace".
Sephora and Pantone teamed up to create some makeup products, shown below are the Color of the Year lipsticks.
Photo via Beaute Zine

Since the colors might be a bold look for lips, try something a little more subtle with Essie's nail polish, note Essie does not have colors specifically based off of Rose Quartz and Serenity.
In Fiji and Bikini So Teeny

As seen on the runway:

Photos courtesy of Alessandro Garofalo, Versace, Opening Ceremony, and Monica Feudi

Though pastels are typically worn during spring time, I believe that Rose Quartz and Serenity can be worn anytime of the year, especially with the right pieces. Right now, pale pink coats are a trend so you can bundle up while still rocking Rose Quartz, as well as wearing Serenity colored accessories. Below are some fashion choices that are great for trying Pantone's amazing color choices of 2016.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Beauty Trends: Smelling like a Rose

It seems as if rose beauty products are blooming up everywhere these days, and there is a good reason for it! Not only does the flower smell amazing, but it has multiple beauty benefits!

Smith's Rosebud Salve has been a cult item for quite some time. Besides it smelling fantastic, it's moisturizing on the lips as well as dry patches. Rose essential oil is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, great for treating acne and is a natural astringent, Thayers toner isn't alcohol-based so it doesn't dry out skin. Rose is also excellent for sensitive skinLush's new fresh face mask soothes skin just like Mario Badescu's facial spray, hydrating and refreshing the face. The flower rose is naturally fragrantDr. Bronner's 18-in-1 soap not only smells wonderful on the body, but can be used on hair, in addition to French Girl Oraganic's hair oil reviving dry hair

Information from Organic Authority.